Pioneering protective packaging for oceanographic equipment with NOC

Pioneering protective packaging for oceanographic equipment with NOC


Barum & Dewar is pleased to announce a new contract win with the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

One of the world’s top oceanographic institutions, the NOC undertakes world leading research in large scale oceanography and ocean measurement technology innovation; working with government and business to turn great science and technology into advice and applications. It supports scientists in universities and research institutes with facilities, research infrastructure and irreplaceable data assets – enabling the UK to harness the full power and diversity of its ocean science talent.

Following successful delivery of bespoke cases for large pieces of oceanographic equipment in the past, the NOC approached Barum & Dewar to provide protective packaging for the transport of its submarine gliders and accessories to several coastal deployments around the UK.

The submarine gliders are highly sophisticated, and extremely valuable scientific hardware that gather oceanographic data for a wide variety of applications. This kit travels in a ‘ready to deploy’ state, so their safe and secure storage and transit is of paramount importance.

The NOC’s existing cases limit the number of gliders it can transport at any one time. This, coupled with the fact that the cases can be stored on deck or quayside, in harsh saltwater environments at temperatures ranging anywhere from -10 to +30 degrees Celsius, forms the basis of the brief to Barum & Dewar.

With over 15 years of experience working in the subsea sector, Barum & Dewar is perfectly placed to design new protective cases for the submarine gliders, working to propose a solution that is lightweight, durable and space efficient.