Exploring our values: Integrity & Trust

Exploring our values: Integrity & Trust


At Barum & Dewar we have long been a values led business. Our core values underpin how we act and expect to be treated as well as making clear our expectations of each other. They define who we are, how we work and what we stand for. In this series we look to explore each of our values and how they are relevant in our business today.

We are now operating in an age of unprecedented scrutiny. Clients, contacts, our supply chain and other stakeholder groups are increasingly demanding greater transparency and ethical behaviour from the businesses with which they interact. Whilst reputation used to be seen as integral to the ongoing success of a business with its stakeholders, many businesses are now realising that reputation alone is not enough and that something more is needed. That something is trust.

Our reputation means everything to us and has been gained by the efforts of many over many years but retaining it relies on us doing the right thing. We gain trust by acting honestly at all times, by being open and candid in all our business relationships and most importantly in every one of our actions.

With clients, contacts, employees and our supply chain we have long term relationships built on trust and integrity. Barum & Dewar seeks to be regarded as a trusted partner who can be relied upon in challenging times as well as good. We foster a culture of responsibility and openness taking complaints of any nature seriously, because trust is built in the proper handling of both our successes and our failures.

With the change and uncertainty we are currently experiencing on a global level, trust and integrity for businesses is more important than ever before.