Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling


Mark Speck, our Regional Sales Manager, describes how a consultative approach to selling underpins the success of Barum & Dewar.

One of Barum & Dewar’s core values as a business is relationships. Nurturing healthy relationships with our clients is crucial to the success of the business. We aim to build and develop strong, trusting relationships that are mutually beneficial, fulfilling and long-lasting.

A consultative selling approach ensures that we build these great relationships. It allows us to fully understand the needs and requirements of our clients and, more importantly, meet and exceed their expectations.

With over 25 years’ experience in the packaging industry, our consultative approach differentiates us from our competitors, companies where a reactive approach is often taken, generally leading to premade solutions. We are proud to buck this trend and place extreme importance on taking the time to provide a bespoke solution that ticks every one of the client’s boxes.

Our starting point is always understanding “why?”, which allows us to formulate a path to finding the right solution. By really digging into the brief and finding out why things are done in the way they are, we can understand how best to support the client going forward. A premade solution might not be the right answer for the type of challenge they are facing. What will add more value for our client and truly solve their problem? Is it a quick fix or is a complete turnkey solution technical project?

Taking a consultative approach means that we work a lot closer with our clients than some of our competitors might, giving us the opportunity to educate them on the range of solutions available. This ensures that our clients are presented with a credible and viable solution which not only solves their problem but adds value too. We take this approach regardless of the equipment for which we are producing cases or the sector, be that defence and security, aerospace and space, offshore and subsea, or any others.

Within the team at Barum & Dewar, we have a strength and depth of knowledge and a whole range of experience which we can call upon in supporting our clients. This helps to inspire a real team feeling between ourselves and the client, where they know they are speaking to someone who is an expert in their field.

We see our clients coming back to us with new projects thanks to the time and care we put into building strong relationships with them. They know that we can deliver a product of the highest quality that works well for them and meets their deadlines.

Our consultative selling approach consistently demonstrates to our clients that we have their best interests at heart and enables us to become their partners in product protection.