Barum & Dewar awarded 3 year contract from Thales

Barum & Dewar awarded 3 year contract from Thales


Barum & Dewar is delighted to have won a new 3 year contract from global defence company, Thales. This new contract covers the survey, repair, test and recertification of all in-service submarine periscope and mast containers and extends the length of time we have supported these containers to over 25 years.

Originally designed and manufactured by Barum & Dewar in the late 1990’s, these bespoke aluminium containers, some as long as 45ft, were designed to ensure safe storage and transportation of submarine periscopes and masts from the UK to any location the submarines might operate globally. The fact that many of these original containers remain in service today is testimony to the original design and build quality and the ongoing maintenance and recertification which ensures they are fit for purpose and immediately available as needed.

We will continue to make use of a bespoke test rig we designed and manufactured which will ensure all containers are fully tested and suitable for extended use. This latest contract extends the useful life of the containers and extracts additional value from the original investments made in them.

David Frame, Managing Director, commented, “By undertaking regular inspections, maintenance and re-certification in a planned and orderly manner we are able to ensure these quality containers continue to operate as intended and are immediately available when called upon. With a lifespan of over 25 years in some cases, these containers continue to provide essential storage and transportation as well as excellent value for money.”