UK Ministry of Defence – NSoIT (Deployment Project)

Case Study

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UK Ministry of Defence – NSoIT (Deployment Project)

The brief

Barum & Dewar was engaged by the UK Ministry of Defence to design and manufacture protective packaging solutions for NSoIT Deployed, a high value communications information systems equipment suite. The purpose of the MOD designed and owned system was to provide a deployable communications and information system for UK and multinational military missions intended to rapidly deliver improved capability to the frontline and ensure that operational mission services work in a single information environment. It was imperative that the protective packaging was robust, durable and suitable for both storage and transportation for worldwide deployment of this equipment due to the system value, importance and sensitivity.

The solution

In order to deliver the solution, Barum & Dewar considered that deployable communications systems require rugged protection from the elements and environment as well as protection from the rigorous nature of military transportation during dangerous and sensitive operations. A combination of industry leading products, proven in this field and an innovative design approach was required for this project, and followed by high quality manufacturing.

The solution delivered to meet these requirements were military accredited ruggedised transit cases and 19” rack style cases designed, developed and manufactured in partnership with SKB. Barum & Dewar designed the custom metalwork, foam cushioning and ancillary products which were also included and were manufactured at B&D’s UK facility.  

Barum & Dewar value

The project benefited from extensive sector knowledge and experience within B&D which facilitated the industry leading design and project management resources incorporated in the solutions delivered to the client. As a company who place innovation as a core value, the development of the case and rack solution was testament to this and our full manufacturing capability. It also allowed us to manage the project from inception to end product, ensuring value and trust throughout the entire process. 

Client impact

Due to the knowledge we hold within the defence and communications sectors, the client enjoyed access to an experienced and highly regarded design team throughout the project. This, along with our single source capability, ensured that the end product not only met the client’s requirements, but delivered on time, fit for use and fully supported throughout the project lifecycle.

In order to deliver added value to the client, we took a holistic overview of containerisation requirements to ensure common approach which reduced through-life support (TLS) and therefore resulted in minimised further costs to the MOD.

B&D Feedback

David Frame, Managing Director, B&D commented: “We are delighted to be able to work with the UK MoD on this challenging and exciting project. B&D have 20+ years’ experience in developing innovative deployable packaging solutions for the defence sector and delivering on this contract recognises the work of our dedicated team in this specialist area.”