Thales Alenia

Case Study

ETHM container-2

Thales Alenia

The brief

Thales Alenia briefed the B&D team to design and manufacture a reusable transportation and storage container for the Electric Propulsion Pointing Mechanism (EPPM) that would provide both mechanical and environmental protection. In addition, the container needed to be clean room compatible, suitable for transportation by air, sea and road, and guaranteed for a lifetime of at least 10 years based on 12 shipments per year.

The solution

The B&D team drew upon its 20+ years’ experience of the Space sector and proposed a bespoke container design based on its proven DELTA® style container, a fully flexible solution allowing bespoke build. In this instance, the design used fabricated aluminium honeycomb panels fitted to anodised aluminium extrusion which offered strength, durability and the ability to be manufactured to a custom size. To provide shock and vibration protection, the EPPM payload was secured via an interface plate to a 10mm thick aluminium plate which was then attached to the base by four carefully selected wire shock mounts. A fork-lift base was incorporated for ease of handling and a full depth lift off lid completed the design. Once fully labelled the container provided a protective solution for both the storage and transportation of the EPPM payload.

Barum & Dewar value

The DELTA® solution is hugely flexible, enabling containers to be made to any size and fitted with numerous features unique to each project. Whilst Thales Alenia’s requirements for this project were different to others we had previously delivered; the B&D approach remained the same.

Once the key requirements had been fully understood, a solution began to emerge. And through further close engagement with the client, the design took shape. Careful analysis resulted in the selection of the wire shock mounts chosen to meet the exact specific shock and vibration characteristics of both the payload and of the transportation inputs envisaged. The B&D analysis process offered firm reassurance in the solution and with the team in full control of all project aspects, from design and project management through to final delivery, the client had complete confidence in the final container.

Client impact

Thales Alenia had previously used the B&D DELTA® style container design and were familiar with its key features and benefits. The shallow base and deep lift off lid design ensured that loading and unloading of the payload could be done easily with minimal risk of damaging it. The interface arrangements took into account the need for the payload to be double bagged and the fitting of a protective inner cage also removed the chances of the bags being damaged. 

Client testimonial

“Barum & Dewar’s unique client engagement process offers our clients complete confidence, de-risking their transportation requirements. This is a perfect example of our process in action together with our track record in the Space sector.”