Case Study

Thales hero


The brief

Barum & Dewar is proud to have held a repair and recertification contract for large periscope and mast containers with the UK Ministry of Defence and more recently Thales for over 20 years now. Thales is a world leader in periscope technology having manufactured its first periscope for the Royal Navy over 100 years ago. Since then, it has continued to contribute directly to UK defence and national security by providing periscopes and masts for nuclear deterrent and attack submarines. Due to the highly technical and complex global deployment of these periscopes, it is imperative that they are transported with the utmost care. The repair and recertification contract involves the B&D team going through an extensive survey, repair and recertification process. 

The solution

The B&D team recognises the need to maximise the in-field time availability and capability of the products we design, manufacture and supply, as well as the benefits to clients of through-life support. To begin with, the team conducted a detailed enhanced inspection and survey on the containers, involving a visual inspection and an assessment of their structural integrity. Upon completion of this inspection, a detailed report outlining the proposed scope of work for repair was produced for review, along with timescales involved for completion, recertification, and delivery.

Barum & Dewar value

Having designed and manufactured these containers in addition to holding this particular contract for over 20 years, the team are highly experienced in both the construction of the containers and the ongoing requirements of this client. To ensure thoroughness of testing, our bespoke Safe Working Load Testing Rig which was specifically designed and manufcatured by B&D for this unique testing purpose is used for load testing the containers following repair and results recorded. Once this critical stage in the process had been completed the containers were delivered back to Thales, complete with the new certificate and detailed reports. 

Client impact

Having been a client of B&D for a long time, Thales benefit from our client engagement process which offers them complete confidence throughout, de-risking the transportation of such valuable and vital equipment. This process, together with the steps we take to fully recertify equipment, ensures Thales receives the containers on time and ready for deployment back into use. 

Barum & Dewar feedback

“At Barum & Dewar, we understand the complexities of transporting and handling the most valuable and protected equipment. This is yet another example of how we are trusted by clients as their long-term partner in product protection.”