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Repair and re-certification

Some projects return to us for refurbishment work when they have been damaged or require re-certification. Ensuring the highest standards of safety and protection of the assets transported in our containers is of paramount importance and all projects of this nature are subject to a detailed review of their requirements to ensure these high standards are maintained. The repair and re-certification process begins with a visual inspection to assess and understand what repairs are required.

Reconfiguration for new payloads

Our team often receive projects that have served their initial purpose back for reconfiguration to support new client programs. Barum & Dewar’s design team take the new brief for these transit cases and propose required changes to fit the new project, whether this be fitting out the container with new protective foam or upgrading the shock mounts to allow it to transport a different payload, for example. No matter the size of the project or the sector in which it will be deployed, Barum & Dewar is able to effectively repurpose the containers to add additional value for its clients.


Before testing commences, a visual inspection is carried out to ensure the bespoke transit container has been repaired or reconfigured to the highest standard and is ready to begin the testing procedure. Deflection measurements are checked both with and without load, the structure of the container is checked during the load and the results documented.


Once the Barum & Dewar team has completed quality checks and testing, the bespoke transit container is returned to the customer along with the updated certification. Detailed reports can also be provided from the inspection stage through to the repair stage, noting any maintenance that has been undertaken.