Oil and Gas Technology Business

Case Study

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Oil and Gas Technology Business

The brief

This Oil and Gas technology business has been a valued client of Barum & Dewar for over 15 years. During this time, we have partnered with them to undertake several complex custom designs for protective packaging and bespoke foam projects, most often with demanding requirements and strict deadlines to meet. We are their partner for product protection.

On this occasion, they contacted Barum & Dewar with an urgent need for the packaging required to transport a product overseas. The first element of the packaging was a lightweight, rugged fabric bag fitted with bespoke designed foam to house a metal fabrication. The second element of the set was a large protective flight style case, fitted with foam to house and protect a fragile component with ancillary products. Finally, both packaging items were branded with the company logo. The timescale given to create a design and deliver the product was a maximum of 3 weeks.

The solution

The Barum & Dewar team quickly kicked off our end-to-end service to design, develop, and manufacture the bespoke packaging solution. Following our flexible approach focused on customer needs, our expert design team was able to bring the client's packaging desires to life through drawings. Having demonstrated what the product would look like housed in the branded protective packaging, the client team had confidence their asset would be fully protected, and well-presented while being transported, handled, and/or used irrespective of the situation. The drawings were approved, the purchase order was received, and production began, and the three-week deadline was met.

Barum & Dewar value

B&D fully managed the client's expectations from the outset with good clear communication on what we needed from them to enable us to achieve the best solution and deliver on the tight timelines. Our established and reputable team went above and beyond to ensure the customer was confident in our answers and aware of all factors influencing time scales. Leveraging the best design expertise in the market, we brought real engineering value to this client. Barum & Dewar controlled all aspects of the design. Understanding the intricacies and specific needs of the client, we provided a high-quality bespoke designed packaging solution, which ensured the highest standard of protection and presentation for their equipment.

Client impact

The client was under severe pressure from their end-user, which meant they heavily depended upon Barum & Dewar to take the packaging problem and produce the perfect solution in a quick timescale. The client was delighted at our response. We delivered a market-leading protective packaging solution, bespoke to their needs, in a rapid timeline. 

B&D feedback

"Barum & Dewar can take our concepts and provide the complete design, manufacture, and fitting of foam for off-the-shelf or bespoke cases that allow us to transport our simulators globally safely. While the product not only needs to arrive perfectly intact, but it also requires a high level of presentation, and Barum & Dewar delivers excellently on both. They have responded to demanding lead times on multiple occasions to ensure we can ultimately deliver a highly professional product to our clients."