Dynamic Load Monitoring

Case Study

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Dynamic Load Monitoring

The brief

Barum & Dewar was tasked with providing a robust, durable and professional looking storage and transit solution for Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) to present their product in. The client needed protective cases that reflected the quality of their own products that would also be suitable for even the harshest of working environments, providing secure, practical and effective protection to ensure the kit arrived in a presentable and fully functioning condition.

The solution

Barum & Dewar proposed rugged cases to accommodate DLM’s 5t-50t Tensile Links, with bespoke protective foam inserts to ensure the contents of the cases were at minimal risk of damage in transit and were neatly presented upon opening.

The cases were sourced from long-time trusted supplier, Peli, to ensure a durable and professional looking outer case and Barum & Dewar’s dedicated foam facility based in Southampton created the bespoke inserts for inside the cases.

Barum & Dewar value

Barum & Dewar has been working in close partnership with DLM for several years, supplying them with cases and foams for their range of load cells for the offshore, renewable energy, marine, subsea and lifting & rigging industries. DLM trusts that it can rely on Barum & Dewar to deliver high quality products every time which has allowed for this project to run smoothly from initial brief through to final delivery.

This, paired with the quality guarantee of Barum & Dewar products, ensures that DLM will gain the maximum value for their investment.

Client impact

Barum & Dewar’s foam facility is local to DLM’s head office, allowing them to keep logistics costs to a minimum while also supporting the local economy in the process.

Thanks to the highest quality of protective cases and the team’s expertise, DLM has continually turned to Barum & Dewar for additional protective cases throughout the years, including compressive cases, shackle cases and demo cases.

Project feedback

We have built up a long standing relationship with Barum & Dewar over the years, they provide us with a quick and reliable service that we have come to rely on. We are also keen to support local businesses so this ticked all the boxes. We are happy with our custom cases and will continue to use Barum & Dewar for our products.