Airbus NEO Timber

Case Study

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Airbus NEO Timber

The brief

Airbus has been a key defence and space client of Barum & Dewar for over 20 years. As the largest space company in Europe, and the UK’s major sovereign space company, Airbus designs and manufactures advanced satellites and systems for telecommunications, earth observation, navigation, and science programmes.

In 2021, Barum and Dewar were approached by Airbus to design and manufacture suitable transportation containers to be used for the safe movement of two types of “X Closure Frames” from the UK to France. Each container would be able to hold eleven individual frames as well as plates, fixings, and fittings. The frames had to be fully protected during transportation and consideration was to be given to ensuring that the loading and unloading process eliminated the possibility of damage occurring.

The solution

The Barum & Dewar team quickly kicked off an end-to-end service to design, develop, and manufacture the bespoke packaging solution. For this project Barum & Dewar opted for a timber batten and board style container, with a deep heavy-duty pallet base. Two-way pallet runners and a shallow lift-off lid, fitted with lifting shackles to assist with removal, were installed.

The container was then internally fitted with full-depth dividers lined with plastazote foam, and tote boxes to secure small parts and fittings. The container was then fully painted, inside and out with a three-part paint system, and all internal furniture fully varnished before external markings were applied. To complete the project, all timber was ISPM15 treated.

Barum & Dewar value

Barum & Dewar have extensive experience in all types of containerisation and are not limited to material choices and construction styles. For this project, a timber style solution was chosen as it offered the level of protection required, as well as the need to meet custom sizing and features, within a short lead-time.

By managing the project from design to delivery, Barum & Dewar took responsibility for ensuring the finished containers arrived on time. With the frames fitting perfectly the containers were able to be put to use immediately.

Client impact

The frames were of different sizes and so each of the dividers were made to fit individual frames and labelled accordingly. After ensuring all components were easily identified, the depths of the divisions were altered to allow the frames to sit flush at the top of the container, making removal and insertion of the straightforward and logical. The containers were clean room compliant, and the handling features ensured ease of transportation and local movement. Additionally, the robust design and construction provided long-term multi-use capability.

B&D feedback

Airbus regard Barum & Dewar as a trusted supply partner and following receipt of the containers were delighted to provide a testimonial:

“Once again we are delighted with the timber containers from Barum & Dewar which were well constructed and easy to use providing excellent protection from the robust and sturdy design. Each container has padded divisions to support and protect the frames ensuring these will not be damaged. The containers both look good and will provide long term use”